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Sea therapy at Zenta bay ( Split city) & outfit post

When I was a kid I loved strolling this area. Zenta marina (located in Split, Croatia) was one of my favourite places to escape to and daydream a little. I used to stroll this marina with my childhood friends and play a particular guessing game. We should pick a ship and try to calculate whether or not the police would manage to catch up with us (if we stole it, that is). Not that we were really considering stealing a boat. It was just harmless children's imagination at work. Thinking of different scenarios. We all knew quite a lot about ships, so it was almost like a mental exercise. Fun times.

I'm a big proponent of  sea therapy, vitamin sea and all that kind of talk. I do believe there is something healing (and possibly magical) about the sea. Whenever I'm in Split, I try to for a walk by the sea, even if it is just a very short walk. I think these photographs were taken on my first walk after Chron's resection operation, my stomach was still super swollen and painful but I was feeling pretty good because - sea therapy. I don't live by the sea anymore, so whenever I'm near sea, I try to make the most out of it. 

I don't really have any special comments about my outfit, I think I may have already worn something quite similar to this one here on blog. It is a quite colourful styling, stripes on stripes plus another pattern. I took the coat off because it was quite warm. As you can probably know Autumn & Winters in Mediterranean countries tend to take it easy on us and we're fortunate to get plenty of sun even in colder months. However, the cold has finally arrived here as well. I was freezing this morning. All the more reasons to take this trip down the memory lane and remember (relive) this fine afternoon in Split city.

Sea therapy at Zenta marina bay ( Split city & outfit post)

Sea therapy at Zenta bay ( Split city & outfit post) #stripesonstripes

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turtleneck sweater: Mana (old), skirt: Zara (old), tights: New Yorker (old), shoes: ?, coat: old

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The black swan (fashion illustration of the day- watercolour painting)

Hello, how has life been treating you? Today I'm back with another illustrated outfit, but this time something a bit different. A while back, I illustrated a ballerina outfit because I like ballet. Today I'm sharing both the sketch and the painting of it with you. Do you like ballet? What is your favourite one? I'm not sure I have a favourite one, maybe Bayaderka ( La Bayadere) ? Have you seen that one? I also really like The Swam Lake .Who doesn't, right? It is a true classic. 

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Who is your favourite black swan? My all time favourite swan is Maya Plisetskaya (1925- 2015). The way Maya's arms moved was pure magic. I spent a lot of time trying to study her arm technique because I was very curious about how she did it but alas I found no answers. All I can say is that nobody quite achieved those bird like movements like Maya did. Maybe it was truly magic!

If I could design a black swan costume, I would probably add a bit of dark blue to it. Why not? I think that dark blue would add a bit of drama to it. Well, you can pretty much see (in this illustration of mine that is) exactly what I had in mind. A classical tulle skirt but with a top made of dark blue and black feathers. I think that would look rather dramatic. I think I used a photograph of Svetlana Zaharova  as a reference for this illustrated ballerina, but I changed the costume (because as I explained, I think it would look really nice if the top was made of feather).

Now, that I think about the reference, it must have been Svetlana, who else has the hands that are quite so long? Svetlana is a very accomplished dancer, so she is a good choice for a reference. I didn't really try to achieve a resemblance here because it was a quick sketch and painting, but I might try it in the future. My list of 'paintings to do' just keeps growing! From other present day ballerinas I really like Michaela DePrince who currently dances with the Dutch national ballet assemble. Her jumps are just insane. I'd like to paint her as well. Wouldn't it be nice if a day could last for 48 hours?

The black swan (fashion illustration of the day- watercolour painting)

I heard it said that dancers are the most underappreciated and underpaid artist and I would tend to agree. People rarely see the work that goes into dance as an art form. If you think about it, dancers are like actors, but they act with their entire bodies. Every movement, every twist, every facial expression,  it all has a meaning within a certain choreography and it all has to be perfectly coordinated. It takes just as much talent and hard work to become an accomplished  classical dancer as it takes to become an accomplished classical singer or musician.

The black swan (fashion illustration of the day- watercolour painting)

Thank you for stopping by. Have a lovely weekend! 

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Fashion illustration of the day (olive flared jeans: green trend report)

I'm back with another original fashion illustration and design (the medium is watercolour on paper). This illustrated outfit is all about layering. Besides olive flare jeans, our blonde is sporting a jacket, a turtleneck and a cardigan over it. A nice faux fur scarf is a great way to add some drama into a winter outfit. In addition, she opted for black high heels, beanie and a little bag to dress up those jeans a little. What do you think about this outfit proposal? Would you wear something like this? Do you like the combination of colours (brown, dark orange, olive green and black)? Do you like pointy heels? I've just got a pair of pointy heels yesterday. You know, I've started to actively search for (and sometimes even attempting making) things I illustrate. I guess that is a proof how creating art can set our creative juices going. It can all be connected you know. Creative work that is. We don't have to put borders everywhere and divide everything all the time. Sometimes we should just let things flow and stop worrying about whether something is considered banal or deep. Perhaps there are no deep or shallow jobs or hobbies, there are only deep or shallow people. Life is what you make of it.

Sometimes I like to add backgrounds to my fashion illustration. Location illustrating is something I want to work on more this year. The background for this illustration is based on Croatian coastline, more precisely municipality Lastovo (google it if you want to see more). Lastovo municipality consists of 46 islands and it is a part of Dubrovnik- Neretva county in Croatia. The largest of these islands is Lastovo. The name of the largest town on Lastovo island is also Lastovo. This is sometimes the case with Croatian islands, the largest settlement being named the same as the island (for example the famous island Hvar). There are more than a thousand islands in Croatia (the number varies according to classifications criteria and whether or not you count small islands but it is a big number), so if islands are your thing, Croatia is a pretty good choice.


Fashion illustration of the day (olive flared jeans: green trend report)

Fashion illustration of the day (olive flared jeans: green trend report)

 Fashion illustration of the day (olive flared jeans: green trend report)

Fashion illustration of the day (olive flared jeans: green trend report)

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Fashion illustration of the day (winter trend report: green)

 I like making fashion illustrations like this one, those in which I include both a full body and a close up. These take a bit more time to make, but they are worth it. I like the idea of being able to illustrate the hair do and make up as well. The girls I illustrate don't wear that much make up (mostly just a lipstick, blush and mascara) but I like the idea of make up being a part of an outfit. I'm not exactly the most creative person when it comes to make up, but I don't avoid it in my illustrations. Anyhow, when you're doing a typical fashion illustration, you don't really get to show that much detail. I suppose it all depends on what one wants to convey. A lot of time fashion illustrators don't even paint faces and that's fine. As I said, it all depends on the purpose behind the illustration itself. Considering that I draw and paint fashion illustrations for myself, I don't have to follow any rules and I can focus on the details if that is what makes me happy. For example, the girl on this illustration wars a dark pink nail-polish. I like to illustrate details like that one. The medium is watercolour on paper.

Fashion illustration of the day (trend report: green)

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 What follows bellow is another illustrated outfit proposal that I shared recently. I will include it here as well because it is relevant to the theme of this post. This fashion illustration is a bit different, because I used more pencil (I didn't originally even plan to colour it with watercolours but I changed my mind). Anyhow, here I illustrated a girl wearing a green skirt. The colour scheme is also different, more toned down (blue and black paired with green) so if you're not into colourful looks, you might try wearing something like this. It is all about finding in what you feel most comfortable in. I personally really like this green trend. I feel like embracing it in every way possible, opting for tones ranging from olive green to neon green. Truth be told,  green has been a part of my wardrobe for a long time, so naturally it is a lot of fun to see it become a trend. When something becomes a trend, it is always fascinating to observe it evolve, don't you think?
A few more words about this illustrated outfit. Here we have a girl wearing a bright green coat with dark green details. I really like this trend of coats in all colours. It's great that we don't have to stick with traditional black anymore, not unless we really want to. So, why not try out a green coat? Yesterday I showed you my new dark pink coat (here). I don't own a green coat yet, but I'm tempted to get one. The rest of the outfit is all about layering. A purple turtleneck paired with a pink vest and a pink skirt, finished off with a pair of purple high heels. I know that's a lot of colour, but some people (like yours truly ) do love colour. I don't know if you can tell but the blonde on this illustration is also wearing tights. I always wear tights in Winter. I'm not one of those brave souls who don't wear tights or socks even in Winter. I mean kudos to you, if you can pull it out but it's not for me. Where I live it doesn't even get that cold and this Winter, in particular, has been quite warm but I do usually pair my skirts and dresses with tights and/or leggings.

Fashion illustration of the day (trend report: green) #modnailustracija

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Overlooking Mostar city (Sights to see, places to visit: Bosnia and Herzegovina) + an outfit post

Today I'm back with another must see place in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. If you happen to visit Herzegovina some day, I would strongly recommend visiting Hum, a hill (dormant volcano) overlooking the Mostar city. You can drive there by car if you prefer not to walk/hike there. If you want to see more of this view, I already blogged about it here and here. The view is absolutely stunning. As long as we're on the topic, I read somewhere that photographs taken from this so called 'bird perspective' can improve one's mood and have hence proved useful in treating depression. That's very interesting, isn't it?

 I can personally tell you that I love this kind of photography. With the usage of drones, it has become quite widespread. Still, I'm not tired out it. What is even better is naturally enjoying these kind of views first hand, without the help from the digital tools. Do you like this kind of photography? Do you feel the need to get away from the screens? If you do, try this: go for a walk and climb someplace high. It doesn't have to be a hill, it can be a sky-scraper or the roof of your own house. Anyplace that makes you feel serene and where you can let your eyes rest. One of my favourite places to drink coffee in Mostar is a place that has a nice view of the city (shown here). 

I know know why, but getting myself someplace high always improves my mood. Just being in mountains or hiking a bit makes me feel calmer. There is something to be said about viewing things from a bird's perspective. Suddenly, all the problems feel less significant. Everything troublesome seems to fade away before a beautiful panorama. No wonder that 'the view' is in a high demand. Every real estate that has a wonderful view is automatically more attractive for it. When vacationing, people seem to be especially taken with finding the perfect view. Another thing can give you that bird perspective is obviously flying. In ideal circumstances, I wouldn't mind having a private jet at my disposal and flying everywhere. But then I would have to feel guilty about contributing to global warming. You see, you just can't win. Still, nothing makes me feel as carefree as being airborne. I wouldn't mind flying more if I could. So, I'm happy that I, at least, live in a place where getting that perfect bird view doesn't require that much effort. 

I'm a big advocate of being a tourist in one's own city. Even better if you happen to live in two cities (like I do). Then it is even easier to feel like a tourist all the time. Seriously though, I love the philosophy behind it. Speaking of philosophy, urban identity and tourism, I have a book recommendation for you. Recently I have read Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino and I absolutely loved it. Such a beautiful little book! If you want my full review, you can read it here.

If you would like to see more similar panorama photographs of Mostar city (although I think I included enough in this post), I can direct you to my previous  posts here, here , here and here:

Can a winter sun be too strong? Typically I would say no and I would add that winter sun in always welcome. However, on this day it seemed that it can be. So, I had to get back to the car and look for a hat. The only thing I managed to find was this old summer hat so that is what I went for. It is not a fashion statement. It is not a part of a  carefully planned outfit post. It is just that the sun was getting in my eyes and I couldn't enjoy my bird's perspective in peace. With the help of this coat,  I did enjoy it. While I'm on this 'be a tourist in your own town' subject, I think I have finally realized why I like to come back to certain places. It is not about opting for something you knew you will like. It is not being lazy. No. It's the possibly to make something new. It's about building on something, a developing a relationship with sometimes.

It is why I reread books. It is why I have always reread books even when everyone made fun of me for it. It is why I have five different editions of the same classic, just for the pleasure of enjoying it in different formats and sometimes even in different languages. If ifeel like I get something new out of an experience, then I will repeat it. Why not? Why should we jump from on experience to another, instead of making these experiences count? Who are we doing it for if not for ourselves?

I like to joke about/with myself, saying that I'm too lazy to shop, but it is not really true. I might say that I don't buy new clothes often because I want to be contribute to ecology of our planet, but it's not true or at least- not entirely true. The truth is that I like to build stories around clothes. I need them to matter to me. I want to create stories and memories with clothes and I can't do that, I can't really form a relationship with a clothing item, if I buy it, wear it once and then forget about it. I try to be ecologically conscious and all, but  when it comes to clothes, I'm mostly sentimental and emotional. I'm not afraid to admit it.

That is why I love to rediscover the city I live in. That is why I love to go back to my favourite classics and read them over and over ago. There is one Croatian opera that I must have listened to at least 100 times and I will probably listen to it that much more. That is why I reread books. That is why I shop my own closet. That is why I like to recognize the fact that you don't always have to try something new to get a new experience. That is why I sometimes stick with the same exercise regime for years. Because it is something that is working for me and when something works for you, why not stick with it? 

coat: Bajina bašta/ turtleneck: old/ jeans: Levi's (vintage), boots: Šimecki

Take for example this dark pink coat (it might look burgundy in photos but it is dark pink) that I bought recently after a long time of not buying absolutely anything clothes related. I didn't commit to any shopping bans, but I hardly bough anything in 2017. A few cheap and practical bags and that was it because I didn't feel like I need anything. Because I was comfortable enough shopping my own closet. I don't believe in shopping just because, in shopping when you're bored or can't find something better to do. As I explained, I like to build stories around clothes. I'm not saying that my way is the best way, but it works for me. I wait until I really feel that I need something. This wait can sometimes last as long as a year, but when I find that special item, I simply know. Like with this coat. I know that the two of us will be very happy together. A bright coloured coat with leopard accents? How can you say no to that?